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BEROA France technology

The highest precision and logistical masterstrokes.


Lining for a new coking plant

Catalyst support cone (Mushroom)


Flue gas recirculation duct of a lignite fired boiler

Full services for BEROA refractory engineering:

  • Detailed project management
  • Engineering tailored to customer needs
  • Heat-transfer calculations
  • Material selection and procurement
  • Production of refractory materials and prefabricated parts
  • Installation of special equipment at construction sites
  • Quality plans and safety documentation
  • Maintenance and inspection
  • Installation, retrofit, demolition, disposal
  • Ancillary steel structures for special refractory applications
  • Solutions in emergency situations

Where the safe use of fire is concerned, BEROA France is your first choice of partners. Exothermal and endothermal reactions are indispensible in the manufacture of materials like glass, ceramics or cement, the generation of power and the working of metals. Refractory linings for furnaces, boilers, metallurgical ladles and other apparatuses provide the basis for numerous industrial processes. Our customers come from virtually all fields of industry.

One of the best works of BEROA France has been the building of a float glass furnace for the company SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS INDIA near Chennai. BEROA France studied, made and installed more than 4000 tons of frameworks and built the refractory part of the furnace, the tin bath and the regenerators that is to say 8000 tons of bricks and castables. This work was realized, in hard conditions, by the engineers and supervisors of BEROA France, with many local means. The staff of BEROA France demonstrated, one more time, its adaptability and its determination to reach the objectives which have been set by the customer.

In particular, our refractory engineering department strategically utilises cutting-edge technologies, thus taking into account dwindling resources. Modern methods and materials enhance the efficiency and extend the service life of your installations.

BEROA France : Profit from our international competence
in refractory engineering.




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