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BEROA France refractory engineering

Committed to progress

A company with healthy and sustained growth, BEROA France is committed to technological progress in refractory and chimney engineering. Our engineers are constantly working on the unceasing refinement of established methods and the analysis of the latest findings for furthering improvements to refractory materials.

In brief, they elevate and maintain our competence as a leader in the market.


Turnkey furnaces building


Turnkey installation of an afterburner chamber


The BEROA France engineering office is highly experienced in the design of refractory linings and conception and calculation of frameworks that support them. BEROA France has many references of turnkey furnaces, designed from customers’ bidbook, performing in studies, supplies, prefabrications and linings on site of metallic and refractory parts.


Industrial maintenance

Our high experience in the contracts management of pluriannual maintenance allows us to recommend to you different means of intervention, preventive or curative, allowing to reduce the down time of your furnaces.

Our team is composed of specialists who intervene for the repairs, hot and cold maintenance of refractory and metallic parts, ceramic welding and furnaces’ expertise.


Expertise of refractory linings

The BEROA France engineers are available and highly qualified to do every expertise of refractory linings in all types of industry worldwide.

The assessed damages analyis lead to proposals of repairs and/or modifications that BEROA France can of course apply.


Design, Studies and developments


Finite elements calculation of heat transfer


Concerning refractory details’ drawings, studies of turnkey installation or search for innovative solutions, the drawing office of BEROA France is highly qualified to answer to our customers’ needs. Whatever your constrainsts are, we are at your disposal to find solutions.

Drawings, bills of materials, finite elements thermal calculations, installation and adjustment procedures, prototypes/models… the expertise of our drawing office is a plus for your projects.


BEROA France: Technologically and qualitatively up-to-date in the international sectors of refractory

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