Since 2017/05/01, Beroa France has changed name to Dominion Global France
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The BEROA Group

Your global partner for refractory linings and chimneys.

Represented by 50 companies in over 20 countries.

More than 4,000 employees world-wide. Quite 100 years of experience.

These facts speak for themselves.


As one of the global leaders in the refrac-tory and chimney engineering sectors, BEROA enjoys close proximity to its customers. We understand your requirements. We provide absolute reliability and professionalism. Thousands of reference projects all around the world testify to our global competence.

The BEROA Group consists of a great many well-respected companies like BEROA France (ex CTP-Thermique), BEROA Deutschland in Germany, BIERRUM in England, CRI in Italy,Steelcon in Denmark, BEROA de Argentina, BEROA RAMCO in the USA, REFRALINE in South Africa and BEROA Australia, to name but a few. Our success story has been continuing for decades and extends to such renowned names as CTP-Thermique, KARRENA, BURWITZ, GMI, Lichtenberg, NovoCOS, FORTER, CTP-Thermique, York Linings and many more.

Under the BEROA umbrella, all of these companies have formed a tight network. Together we operate on a global level. Our customers profit from our concentrated international experience and the varied range of know-how embodied by our employees. Our technological strength and innovative power make us one of the leading companies in the refractory and chimney engineering sectors.

Detailed process management, meticulous engineering, modern installation technology and the highest quality standards – during all project phases we are committed to the efficiency and longevity of your installations.

We provide the full range of services, from the initial design and engineering to the production and procurement of the materials, the planning and provision of qualified personnel, and the proper execution of all work and services on schedule with consideration of high safety and quality standards. Thanks to our efficiency and size we can realise even the most challenging requirements with the maximum flexibility.

BEROA : Technology • Competence • Experience

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