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Safety and quality


BEROA France respects people and the environment.


Movable working platform


BEROA France has been the first french enterprise of refractory linings to obtain the ISO 9000 certificate in 1993.

The safety management system has been certified MASE (corporate safety improvement manual) in all our regional centers.

We plan to obtain the OHSAS 18001 certification in 2012.

The work needed for gigantic structures and installations subjected to high thermal stress poses extraordinary safety and quality demands in all construction phases. Accordingly, our priority objectives are the safety and well-being of all involved, the best quality in materials and execution, environmental protection and sustainability.

In order to achieve these objectives we utilise in all areas the trendsetting integrated management system that combines quality as well as safety, health and environmental protection into a unified structure and that we are constantly developing further.

The key to our outstanding service quality is held by our highly qualified and professional team: only motivated and competent personnel can help us to achieve our ambitious objectives.

General and order-based risk identification and assessments, regular precautionary and scheduled checkups by the occupational health services, internal and external qualification measures from accident prevention to emergency training – all of these ensure at all times the optimal safety level at our construction sites.

BEROA France attaches the greatest importance to the quality of the materials it uses and to the machinery and equipment it selects according to state-of-the-art criteria. Meticulous process planning; field tested, experienced and top-quality construction work; quality control plans and regular training for our personnel; all support us in our capacity to provide our customers with the optimum quality and reliability.

The dedication of our engineers and experts is generally much valued on numerous committees and in the professional associations for engineering, environmental protection, operating safety, material sciences and hazardous substances.



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