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La voûte suspendue CTP Thermique

Experience through tradition – the CTP Thermique suspended roof.


Suspended roof and walls


MS system adapted for vertical wall


In its history of near 100 years, BEROA France has greatly contributed to advancements in traditional applications like boiler masonry and furnace linings and has provided customised solutions to its assigned tasks that are characterised by technical and economic efficiency.

The suspended MS type roof has been existing for more than 50 years in its current configuration. It is a reference for many types of furnaces and industries because of its reliability and adaptability to the most of furnace « designs »and « processes ». For about twenty years, this system has been adapted for vertical walls and no more only roofs. Composed of bricks that are made with the whole basis compnents that are used in refractory products, it is a convincing example of the mean used by BEROA France to ally tradition and innovation in the refractory engineering.


Insulated back-walls and shadow-walls for float Glass furnaces




Back-walls, years of improvement


For more than 50 years, BEROA France has been specialised indesign and turnkey manufacturing of suspended back-walls andshadow-walls for the float glass industry. The technology has continuously been improved and we now propose insulated walls that allow substancial energy savings. The quality of refractory materials that compose those walls can be adapted to furnaces constraints (silica, mullite, AZS…)


Part of insulated back-wall



Suspended back-wall


Incineration tiles



Incineration tiles


Secure in its experience of many tens years in refractory linings, particularly the one in domestic wastes incineration sites, BEROA France has perfected an adjustable and innovative system that can be adapted to each type of tubular beam and existing or to be created anchor.

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