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Implementation processes

An effective solution – the shotcrete method.



Shotcrete method


One of the methods we have optimised involves shotcrete, a wet method for processing large quantities of refractory concretes in a minimum amount of time. Mixed with water or binder, this concrete is conveyed to the installation site through special high-pressure pumps that generate pressures up to 250 bar. High-pressure lines up to 80 metres and more in length are not uncommon. Concrete processed using the shotcrete method exhibits virtually the same physical properties as conventionally cast concrete, for example density and compressive strength. Complex formwork and therefore long lead times are eliminated and costs are reduced accordingly.


On hot repairs method – the ceramic welding



Ceramic welding


The ceramic welding can be an excellent alternative to the replacement of damaged pieces. From the traditional process, BEROA developped and improved its own technologies and tools, what allows it to reduce from 35 to 50% the intervention duration and so generates important savings on your installations maintenance costs while vouching the high quality and resistance of the reparations in time.

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