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Waste treatment/Incineration

A clean thing.


After the 1st and the 2nd, the 3rd unit that we line
Customer SEDIBEX
Constructor              VINCI ENVIRONNEMENT
Location Le Havre, France
Project Refractory lining of the 3rd unit of industrial waste incineration,
Rotary kiln, Afterburner chamber and Boiler
Realisation 2008


MS roof of an
afterburner chamber
Afterburner chamber
for industrial waste
Shop test assembly of a vault
of fluidized bed furnace for
sludge incineration


Despite meticulous recycling concepts, enormous quantities of household and industrial waste accrue every day.

Waste incineration makes the best of this: it provides electricity and heat and prepares the waste for environmentally compatible storage. What is left is mostly ash that in turn can be put to good use, e.g. in road building.

BEROA France has made a name for itself in environmental technology.

We are your partner for the refractory lining of community waste treatment plants, circulating fluidised beds for waste disposal or ash and cinder vitrification, and the incineration of liquid residue.

The installations for incinerating residual substances are highly prone to wear and place extreme demands on the furnaces’ refractory lining. Accordingly, BEROA France relies on standardised engineering, selected combinations of high-quality refractory products and professional installation.

Also in environmental technology, BEROA France provides the full range of services, no matter whether you are planning a new structure, preparing for a pending inspection, or introducing a needed retrofit.

We advise you on all aspects of your project. We utilise the latest technologies, e.g. shotcreting. We work with video recordings for the low-cost inspection of your installations. We conduct analyses on stationary and non-stationary heat transfers.

BEROA France : For the optimal energy yield from residual substances.


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