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Refinery, chemistry and petrochemistry

Various solutions for a diversified sector


Catalyst support cone (Mushroom) Incinerator Refractory lining
for a secondary reformer:
Catalyst support
vault from under

There is scarcely a single everyday product that has not been produced with the help of the chemical industries: plastics, paints and lacquers, fertilisers, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. The range of products from this innovative industry is as rich and varied as their processes and installations, and therefore the requirements they place on their refractory systems.

The engineers at BEROA France are completely familiar with the most diverse challenges posed by the chemical industries. Drawing on their experience, they select the most suitable refractory products and concepts and thus safeguard the maximum efficiency of the installation.

Our customers expect reliability, safety and consideration of ecological and economic aspects. In a great many installations all over the world we have proved our competence in all of these aspects – whether refineries, installations for the fertiliser industry, coal gasification and syngas systems, primary and secondary reformers, fluid catalytic cracking plants, sulphur recovery units, etc.

Like in all other BEROA France fields, we are responsible for refractory engineering. We provide the material and execute the installation. For the whole programme of drying, inspection and maintenance, you are given the whole range of services from one provider anywhere in the world.

BEROA: Your partner for advanced refractory concepts for trial, demo and commercial working plants.


Un reformer secondaire pour méthanol (refait en 2010)
Exploitant STATOIL
Lieu Reformer secondaire pour méthanol, Norvège
Projet Garnissage réfractaire d'un reformeur secondaire pour méthanol avec une capacité de 2.400 tonnes par jour
Réalisation                   1994 puis 2010


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