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Nonferrous metal industry/Raw materials


Innovative solutions for scarce resources.


Turnkey in copper industry
Customer Nexans
Location Lens (France)
Project Framework and refractory lining of a copper ASARCO furnace
Realisation                   2010


Zinc smelter Zinc destillation column


Nonferrous metals are part of many electronic and industrial applications. These include copper, zinc, lead, nickel, magnesium, aluminium and precious and base metals. Only refining can give them their maximum purity and quality, a process that needs a lot of energy. Fortunately, nonferrous metals can be recycled with only a fraction of this energy and without sacrificing quality. Today, the nonferrous metal industry in Germany extracts the most of its total production from so-called secondary raw materials, thereby affording a key contribution to the sustainability and sparing use of natural resources.

Carbon anode furnace ( MS roof)

BEROA France utilises innovative refractory technologies and its extensive range of products and services to promote the efficient use of scarce resources. These services include the engineering, the selection, specification and delivery of materials, the generation of heat-transfer analyses, drawings, bill of materials, maintenance plans, maintenance and heating-up instruction, installation and installation instructions, etc.

Our outstanding competence finds testimony in countless installations. We provide refractory linings e.g. for:


Ferroalloy furnaces:

  • rotary kilns
  • electric arc furnaces for ferronickel, ferromanganese and ferrochromium

Copper industry :

  • ASARCO furnaces
  • slag purification furnaces
  • anode furnaces
  • converters
  • flash smelters
  • ISA smelters

Zinc industry:

  • smelters
  • distillation columns
  • zinc oxide furnaces

Raw materials:

  • pelletising plants
  • calciners for zinc, copper, gold
  • alumina calcining
  • titanium oxide rotary kilns
  • fluidised bed plants


BEROA France provides the whole
range of services.


Some customers

  • KME
  • ...
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