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Towers, silos and more

BEROA moves with the times.


Construction of a new
cement silo
Refurbishment of a naural
draught cooling tower



The highest natural draught cooling tower in Eastern Europe (2010)
Customer ALSTOM
Operator PGE Elektrownia Belchatow
Location Belchatow lignite fired power station, POL

- Construction of a new natural draught cooling tower, h = 180 m, dbottom = 123.6 m
- Two new stair towers, h = 145.8 m
- Refractory lining for a new block with 878 MW

Installation e.g. 25,000 m³ concrete, over 4,000 t steel reinforcement for the natural draught cooling tower
Execution  2007–2010


Grand dimensions and meticulous execution – in matters of sophisticated tower design, BEROA is the partner of choice for industry. Modern natural draught cooling towers, for instance, reach heights of nearly 200 metres, with walls in places fewer than 20 centimetres thick. This ratio is hard to believe, but innovative construction techniques and modern concretes make it possible.

Besides chimney engineering, BEROA is also making a name for itself today in new spheres. Today we build natural draught cooling towers, stair towers, silos and solar towers. Also, BEROA is prepared for building towers for wind turbine generators. We can erect these reinforced concrete shell structures using either sliding or climbing formwork systems.

We always focus on our customers' requirements. After analysing the local conditions and customer data, we draw up the concept and plans for the execution. Forming a team with our construction partners and our partners within the BEROA Group, we develop the solution according to customers' needs. In this process, our technological strength is the guarantor of flexibility and performance to schedule.


Construction of two new stair towers, h=145,8m Construction of a new natural draught cooling tower, h=180 m, dbottom= 123,6 m


The services for tower engineering :

  • Design, engineering and construction
  • Execution planning
  • Execution of shell construction
  • Project management and supervision
  • Provision of materials and special equipment
  • Inspection, maintenance
  • Installation/dismantling of equipment
  • Refurbishment and modifications
  • Complete and partial demolition
  • Solutions in emergency situation

BEROA: Flexibility is our strength.

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