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BEROA : chimney engineering

Ever taller, ever larger, ever safer


Trbovjle, RC chimney, h = 360m

Earthquake proved: no damage worth mentioning in the wake of one of the world’s severest earthquakes (MW 8.8) in February 2010
Customer Tecnimont
Operator                   Colbún and Endesa
Location Puerto Coronel/Concepción, VIII. Region, CHI
Project Construction of RC chimneys in the “New Chimney Design” for the coal fired power stations Colbún Santa Maria I, h = 130 m, and Endesa Bocamina II, h = 100 m
Completion Colbún August 2009, Endesa January 2010

In our history of over 95 years, we have been key contributors to the development of chimney engineering and other “outstanding” industrial structures. BEROA has become a global synonym for precise performance with a minimum of construction time.

Circumspect planning, striving for perfection in design, advanced installation technologies and consistent implementation of quality criteria are the keys to sustainable construction services in all industrial sectors. BEROA interprets sustainability to be the protection of resources, minimised use of materials and a long service life for the installations.

The subject of safety always enjoys great importance, and our personnel are completely familiar with the current health and safety standards and procedures.

Extraordinary requirements of structural engineering such as extreme wind and earthquake loads, excessive temperatures and highly corrosive exhaust gases are reliably fullfilled. We select the optimal chimney design for your needs: of reinforced concrete, glass fibre reinforced plastic, steel or masonry, with one or more flues. We select from the extensive range of linings that can withstand even the most complex operating conditions in compliance with the plant requirements: metallic cladding, flake glass epoxy coatings, borosilicate glass and many more.

LThe dimensions of BEROA chimneys seem to know no bounds: ever taller, ever larger; a number of these historical milestones in chimney engineering are even listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Range of services in chimney engineering:

  • Turnkey installation
  • Design, engineering and construction
  • Advice and expertise
  • Project management and supervision
  • Provision of materials and special equipment
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Installation and dismantling of equipment
  • Refurbishment and retrofit
  • Complete and partial demolition
  • Solutions in emergency situations

BEROA: An internationally leading company in chimney engineering and construction.


Saint-Ouen Chimney(France)



Some customers

  • Endesa
  • ENEL
  • E.ON
  • Foster & Wheeler
  • GDF Suez
  • Guardian
  • Shaw Contractors
  • Tecnimont
  • Uhde
  • ...
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