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Power engineering

The turnkey offer for more power.


The most modern lignite fired power station in the world (2011)
Operator RWE
Location Centrale électrique de Neurath, Allemagne 1100 MW unités F/G (BoA «2/3)
Project Refractory lining
Completion                        2011

Combustion chamber of a fluidised bed plant

The reliable and low-cost supply of power is one of the greatest challenges of our times. The industry’s and society’s energy needs are faced with dwindling natural resources. At the same time, consideration must also be given to the protection of the climate. This balancing act can succeed only with innovative technologies and optimised methods that enhance the efficiency of power stations and therefore the energy yield from valuable fuels.

BEROA France contributes towards mastering these challenges.

For a great many renowned plants, we have realised individual turnkey projects that continue to operate safely and reliably with even the most difficult processes: lignite and hard coal boilers, power stations with circulating fluidised beds, hot gas generators, etc.

Turnkey as interpreted by BEROA France: We develop the whole range of refractory engineering. We provide the refractory materials. We are responsible for the installation.

If the customer wishes, a turnkey solution can also include e.g. welding work on the whole anchoring system, boiler inspections as part of the full service and drying procedures on the entire plant prior to operation.

With our extensive standby pool of refractory materials, prefabricated parts and equipment, we can also respond flexibly to requirements over the short term.

Challenge us! BEROA will convince you with our attention to detail and highly professional execution.


Bar grate sectionof a lignite fired boiler Flue gas recirculation duct of
a lignite fired boiler


Some customers

  • EDF
  • GDF Suez
  • ELYO
  • CEA
  • ...
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