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Iron and steel industries

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Use of the latest concrete technology
Customer Refratechnik Steel
Operator US-Steel Kosice
Location Kosice, SVK
Project  Blast furnace shaft lined with shotcrete
BEROA Team                    10 specialists
Installation 500 t shotcrete
Execution 42 hours


Taking a pig iron sample at the blast furnace tap hole area

Lining for a new coke oven battery with chamber height of 8.35 m

LCoking plants, blast furnaces, steelworks, direct reduction installations, pelletising and sintering plants – these all testify to the international experience and the sound know-how of our engineers. Our solutions use exclusively high-quality, tried and tested refractory materials. The refractory installation work is performed with the maximum precision. Only in this manner can BEROA France meet the extreme challenges posed by the iron and steel industries and create installations that comply with high safety standards over the long term as well.

Based on state-of-the-art lining technologies, the refractory units are ready for production within the shortest amounts of time. This is the case both for new linings or for inspections and maintenance. With our own programme for pre-cutting of bevelled bricks for bustle pipes, we have for example managed to enhance fitting precision and at the same time reduce the lining time by up to 25 percent.


Lining of a new blast furnace hearth

Labyrinth wall of a ceramic burner in a hot blast stove

When servicing steelworks, BEROA France undertakes the whole range of refractory activities. In order to safeguard the production processes, we are also integrated into the customer’s process flows.

Blast furnace repairs with temperatures up to 500 °C are no problem for our blast furnace gun. Thanks to the external controller and an innovative conveying device, the shotcrete can be installed quickly and safely without the need for complex scaffolding.

Other tried and tested hot repair methods are ceramic welding and gunning with fused silica.

No matter which of the above plants are affected, whether e.g. hot blast stoves, heat treatment installations, cupolas or electric furnaces, we always focus on the installation’s sustainability and efficiency, environmental protection and safety.

Our list of references, including virtually all of the world’s well-known iron and steel producers, testifies to BEROA France’s competence.


Some customers

  • Arcelor Mittal
  • Ascométal
  • Nexans
  • Rio Tinto
  • Vallourec
  • Refratechnik Steel
  • HBL
  • ZKS
  • ...
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