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The latest Aluminium Pechiney Technology
Customer Tomago Aluminium Company
Location  Raymond Terrace, NSW, AUS

Demolition and replacement of refractory materials on anode baking furnace no. 1,
type: open/Pechiney Design/74 chambers

BEROA Team about 400 specialists
Working hours  about 250,000
Demolition/installation                     approx. 12,000 t refractory material each
Execution August–November 2008


Tilt rotary kiln


Aluminium is a recent material presenting many advantages: aluminium is light and yet resistant to corrosion. It is long-lived, low-maintenance and can be recycled any number of times. Aluminium reflects light and conducts heat and electricity. In the aviation and automotive industries it helps to save weight and therefore fuel. On the construction site it contributes to the energy efficiency of buildings. The foodstuff and pharmaceutical industries value it as an ultra-thin packaging material. And its extraordinary properties are a convincing advantage in many other industrial applications.

For many years, BEROA France has been the competent partner of the primary and secondary aluminium industries, providing them with the refractory linings for their furnaces. Whether selecting the suitable material, designing and assembling the installation, or providing repairs, we can offer the whole range of refractory engineering from one source.

On the strength of our close collaboration with many customers from the aluminium industry, we are completely familiar with all kinds of smelting and foundry furnaces, no matter whether our customers work with electrically heated furnaces or fossil fuels, whether we are installing refractory linings in induction furnaces or delivering a gas purging set.

Our extensive range of products and services also includes transport devices with channel systems and ladles for molten aluminium and general repairs of carbon baking furnaces.

The latest technologies like shotcreting ensure efficiency when a new installation is being done or an old system repaired.

The refractory lining of anode baking furnaces is one of the specialised fields that has seen BEROA France achieve triumph of quality and logistics and elevated it to a leading position on the market. Sixty-five anode baking furnaces up to 200 metres long, built with over 20,000 tonnes of refractory material, were successfully lined in full compliance with the high safety standards, either to the specified schedule or sooner. Also, for a number of years, repairs on operating furnaces have been conducted successfully. In this case, the work is progressed with a so-called "open window" of about twenty anode baking furnace chambers at the rate of the firing system.

BEROA France in the aluminium industry: our specialisation is your advantage.


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