Since 2017/05/01, Beroa France has changed name to Dominion Global France
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Quality from a single cast.


Shaped parts

Special pieces for a transfer line

Our technical know-how is important to us – also on the materials side. For this reason, in the interest of our customers, we design and supply high-quality monolithic materials and prefabricated parts.

We run an extensive equipment pool at our various locations: special mixers, vibrators as well as large capacity dryers and furnaces for manufacturing all types and sizes of components. No matter whether dried, annealed or calcined, we produce entirely in accordance with your needs or wishes.

Prefabricated pieces
for an autothermal reformer


Our personnel is specialised in the production of cast, vibrated and rammed prefabricated parts as well as complete linings.

Difficult parts and composites are also precisely manufactured thanks to our powerful shaping technologies for wood, plastic, metal or polystyrene.

So that we can respond quickly and flexibly to pending maintenance or repairs, we run well-assorted stores at various locations. These stores contain over 200 tonnes of shaped and unshaped refractory materials produced in our own facilities and by other renowned manufacturers.

Prefabricated pieces drawing


BEROA France : We supply just what you need. No matter whether it is an individually designed single part or a series product, all are made with the same care.

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